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Julie L. White - Owner, Personal Trainer and Instructor

Julie’s extensive experience, multiple certifications, tireless dedication and love for group fitness are evidenced by the following she has continuously expanded over her years in the industry. She is truly passionate about helping people meet their fitness and personal goals; which is demonstrated by attending any of her classes. You will find a pressure-free, fun, exciting and motivating environment that will leave you anxious to return. Julie’s primary goal is to help people lead healthier lives and to have a lot of fun along the way resulting in positive, long term lifestyle changes.


  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor – AFAA
  • Certified Personal Trainer - AAAI/ISMA
  • Zumba Level I, Zumba Level II, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold
  • P90X - Beachbody
  • INSANITY - Beachbody
  • Turbo Kick - Beachbody
  • PiYo Strength - Beachbody
  • Hip Hop Hustle - Beacbody
  • BodyPump - Les Mills Corporation
  • Mat Pilates - AAAI/ISMA

Erin Matthews - Instructor

Erin has been instructing group exercise for 5 years, but her love of dance and exercise started long before that! At age 3 she began taking multiple classes a week of ballet, tap and jazz at a local dance studio. At age 13, she began taking dance aerobics classes with her mom and quickly learned the connection between dancing, exercising and having fun. Now, as s a mother of three high-energy boys ages 11, 6 and 4, she finds exercise helps her to escape the norm, have some time to herself and have fun! Erin wants to help participants reach their fitness goals while having a blast! 


  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor – AFFA
  • Body Pump Instructor – Les Mills Corporation
  • Zumba Basic Level 1
  • Zumba Basic Level 2
  • Turbo Kick Instructor - Beachbody
  • Hip Hop Hustle  - Beachbody
Beverly Piccione - Instructor

Beverly was introduced to Zumba three years ago and was hooked from the very first class! The music, rhythms, and routines unleashed her sleeping dancer, while the fun, laughter, and fantastic physical workout were added bonuses. Beverly is an athlete at heart and grew up playing volleyball beginning at eleven years old, through high school and college, and she continues to play in at least two leagues each year. She works full time for Brian's House Enterprises where she is the Coordinator of their Community Employment Program for adults with developmental disabilities. She is currently a graduate student at West Chester University studying Educational Counseling. She is married and has one son, Alec, who is 10, and a huge blessing in her life. She enjoys drawing and painting when time allows and travel with her family when finances allow! A year and a half ago, she began taking Julie White's classes and found her Zumba and fitness home. Julie inspired and encouraged her to get her licensure and is mentoring her along her Zumba path. Beverly is looking forward to seeing just where this path will lead, and to inspiring others to find wellness of mind, body, and soul all while getting down and funky! 

  • Zumba Level I
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Stephanie Waite - Instructor

Stephanie discovered Zumba Fitness by chance when the director of her YMCA asked her try a “new class” starting in the fitness studio. She loved it immediately, became an instructor and was able to combine her background in dance and group fitness to start a part time career. She has been teaching Zumba Fitness locally in the Chester County area to adults, children and active older adults for four years.

In addition to classes, Stephanie has been a Zumba performer over the years for many community events, health fairs, adult and children’s parties and fundraisers. She is a volunteer at St. Agnus Day room where she works with the Latin Community in West Chester to give them access to Zumba Fitness classes for free while promoting the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Stephanie has a high energy, fun and easy to follow Zumba Fitness style that allows participants of all ages and ability to take her class. Beginners and advanced students will benefit from a full hour of heart pumping music and dance/fitness moves. 

  • Zumba Basic Level 1
  • Zumba Basic Level 2
  • Zumbatonic (Zumba for kids)
Allie Insco - Instructor

Allie is Julie and John’s daughter. A Nutrition and Dietetics major at West Chester University class of 2014, she currently teaches Turbo Kick and INSANITY at UP. Allie was motivated to begin exercising when she gained 30 pounds after high school. After Julie encouraged her to join one Zumba class, she fell in love with fitness. Ever since, Allie has been exercising and began to teach her own fitness classes. She danced when she was younger, but was never into Kickboxing until recently. She has been teaching Turbo Kick for almost a year and loves it, inspiring people to reach both their weight and health status goals. She loves to make people feel good about themselves by teaching them the correct ways to eat and making sure her classes are filled with energy and motivation. Kickboxing with a mix of Tone & Sculpt is what she loves most.

  • Turbo Kick - Beachbody
  • INSANITY - Beachbody
  • Zumba - Basic Level 1
  • Hip Hop Hustle - Beachbody
Sandra Goes - Instructor

Sandra is originally from Brazil, the land of Axe and Carnaval. Dance is a major part of her culture, and when she discovered Zumba here in the US, she felt like she was coming home. Sandra has been certified in Zumba since 2008; attended the Zumba Convention for the past 6 years and this year she took many new, refreshing courses like Zumba Warrior and the ultimate training ... Zumba ProSkills. 

Her passion for Zumba was so strong that Sandra was invited by the company to help them launch the Zumba Program in Brazil. She currently works with the Zumba trade show team, traveling in the U.S and Brazil giving support to Beto (the creator of Zumba) and his Zumba Education Specialists.  In Sandra's own words,  "I invite you to be part of my journey; my students are family to me".
  • Zumba Basic Level 1
  • Zumba Basic Level 2
  • Zumba Gold
  • Aqua Zumba
  • Zumba Toning
  • Zumbatonic (Zumba for kids)
  • Zumba Sentao
  • Zumba Core
  • Zumba Glute
  • Zumba Gold Toning
  • AFAA
Sunzeri - Instructor

Sunzeri started attending a variety of group exercise classes in college in 2008 after becoming unmotivated by the same-old gym routine. She loved just about every format she tried, but her background in music and hip hop dance drew her to Zumba. She learned in Spring of 2010 that her favorite Zumba instructor was graduating. The obvious solution was to learn how to teach Zumba herself! That summer, while she was interning in New York City, she took her Zumba Basics 1 training with Tanya Beardsley, and the rest is history. Michelle has been teaching ever since and has taught a variety of different classes such as Zumba, Hip Hop, Abs & Glutes, Spinning, and most recently…INSANITY! Michelle earned her M.S. and B.S. in Exercise and Health Promotion and loves inspiring and motivating others to live healthy lives! 


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Primary Group Exercise
  • Zumba Basics 1
  • Spinning – Mad Dogg Athletics
  • INSANITY! - Beachbody

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Alison Nuttallunique - Instructor

Alison started instructing group exercise classes after the birth of her 3rd child by leading Stroller Fitness classes. This soon lead to Alison becoming certified in various other formats and 3 years ago she became a certified Personal Trainer. Alison loves coming up with new and different ways to motivate participants and help them meet their fitness goals.

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – AFAA
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor – AFAA
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor - AFAA
  • Body Pump Instructor – Les Mills
  • Baby Boot Camp Instructor – Baby Boot Camp
  • Kids Yoga Instructor - YogaFit